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Monika Jaszczura-Synowiec

As a businesswoman

I developed my business competencies while managing a sizable department in a company with over 1,500 employees.


I can confidently say that every relationship enriches me. I gain the most when I share my experiences and acquired knowledge. While I have been supporting and co-creating businesses for many years, I make it a point to learn something new every day, recognizing that openness is the key to continuous development.

As a businesswoman, I developed my business competencies while managing a sizable department in a company with over 1,500 employees. I excel in strategic thinking, rapidly assessing risks, always prepared to implement changes following a thorough analysis.
My knowledge is rooted in experience.

I was successful in management because I was not afraid of my femininity. It wasn't because I was competing against men. I support women who seek to remain authentic in their professional lives, encouraging them to draw strength from their potential to advance their careers.


Collegium Humanum
Master of Business Administration - MBA, Przywództwo i Coaching

Warsaw University of Technology
Postgraduate studies, Operation and management of airports
Military University of Technology, Human Resources Management
National Defense University, Aviation Management
University of Warsaw, Russian Philology

Specialized training:
Certificate Consultant MaxieDisc
Completion of the “Coaching and Mentoring” training
Completion of Coaching Skills Certificate training
Completion of the "Time Management" course
Completion of the "Woman, Money, Freedom" Leadership program
Completion of the 10th edition of the School for Female Leaders
Completion of the "Train the Trainers" course for trainers
Business ethics, setting metrics to improve business processes
Psychological aspects of crisis situations
Professional VIP and Business Passenger service
Diplomatic protocol and savoire-vivre


In my life and business, I have always focused on my personal growth and the development of others. The greatest value I can share is my knowledge and skills. This is why, having achieved success in business, I am deeply committed to supporting leaders, women in business, and those aspiring to work seamlessly while leading a purposeful life.
I look for synergy and added value in every endeavor. I firmly believe that what you share with others defines you. Sharing, even in material terms, is an integral part of my DNA. Recognizing that business doesn't exist in isolation, I approach my surroundings with sensitivity. I aim to find a harmonious balance that not only benefits the business but also contributes positively to society. My endeavor is to ensure that the business and its environment continually evolve together.

Let's talk about how to expand both your business and personal growth!

How can I assist you?

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Monika Jaszczura-Synowiec

T: +48 601 537 780